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Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya - victory in the competition Hotel Super Heroes

Data: 15.05.2016

Inna Tsyganskaya, Guest Services Manager at the Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya, became the winner of the recently ended competition Hotel Super Heroes. This competition held by InterContinental Hotels Group among employees of all the hotels in the world, beeing under the brands belonging to InterContinental Group, helped to learn the most interesting stories about how inventive and dedicated our colleagues were. The way they anticipate the expectations of the guests, make their stay comfortable and enjoyable, provide the highest level of service and solve unsolvable problems.

The competition has attracted the attention of many of our employees, who were happy to share their stories. After careful consideration of the large number of participants 5 winners were chosen, and one of the winners, Inna Tsyganskaya, Guest Services manager at the Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya was named first.

We would like to share a simple story with you that delighted many people and made our colleague a winner: our guests asked for her help. The situation they found themselves in was very sad: they could not find their tickets to the evening performance at the Bolshoi Theatre and the long-awaited visit to the most famous Russian theater was in jeopardy. After talking to the administration of the theater Inna learned that it was impossible to get a copy of the ticket on any terms, because all the tickets were printed in a single copy. The guests were very upset, especially after they learned all tickets  were sold out, and it was their last night in Moscow.

But Inna did not accept this situation and found a solution. She phoned the Bolshoi Theatre, she persuaded the administration to let our guests in and give them a chance to get on the show. Thanks to her perseverance they reached the agreement: if the tickets were not stolen and their seats were not taken, guests would have been able to attend the show without tickets and any additional costs. After her work shift ended, Inna, carried the guests to the theater. They did not speak Russian so she helped them  go through the Bolshoi Theater security control, made sure that the seats were not taken. The guests were finally able to enjoy a performance at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Of course the guests were amazed by such level of service and became regular guests at the Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya.

This was a story of the real Super Heroes living among us. Our superhero  is Inna Tsyganskaya. Of course she does not fly like Superman, her amazing superpower is not to see obstacles and seek to resolve any situation for the benefit of our guests.

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